"Why would the murder break ever end?"

"Apparently it doesn’t make for good footage

lots of ryan lately. not sure if I should apologise to mr haywood or not

but seriously, sorry kerry for having ryan beat the shit out of you the first time i drew you


Apparently, striving to be average and just not trying to achieve anything in life, you’ll get your dream job.

Michael looks cute in: RT Accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge | Donate


recent "rAY NO" moments on


"I found a fanfic while Alfie was out with his mum and I almost died.” — Zoe

Try and stop me


Try and stop me

Achievement Hunter Accepts The Ice Bucket Challenge

The AH crew teamed up to bombard Ryan on The Patch #66

This plan was hatched in HUNT #43

You think I’m not a goddess? [inspired by x]

Ryan on The Patch #66

Rooster Teeth Accepts The Ice Bucket Challenge
- An actual quote from Ryan Haywood, the father of two children and over 30